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Katie Holmes has a thing for bad boys??

First there was Chris Klein! He was drunk for five years but you got to admit his body is pretty nice!!!

Why do women seek out disruptive and disturbing relationships?

Psychologists allege that women are attracted to men that remind them of their daddies?

Can this be true?



Katie Holmes Biggest regret!

Well it may not be now but it will be someday! I mean What the fuck do women expect in marriage? Fairy-tales and dreamy happy days! Sorry Sister! Who dumps a man, not any man “Tom Cruise”, the steamy actor from Collateral, he might be short and a new age prophet of tax free income but he raked in $ 75million in 2012!! Should not have left Katie!



The Royal Golddiggers?

Ahh the Middletons, middle class and loving it, their mother has turned the tide of fortune on her two manly looking daughters, such charmers they nabbed a prince and the other braud is now dating George percy, the heir to northumberland and the hogwarts castle, kate and pippa are certainly the reincarnate of The boleyn sisters or simply a bunch of fame whores addicted to cold cash. How about Pippa date the average joe and prove us wrong, someone from a bar with no queen imprinted notes or castle or fortune of 500 million pounds?



Kanye handle it?

Ahhh first there was wedded bliss to kris humpries than divorce, now Kanye handle it?

Kim kardashian is finally seeking what she always wanted, a black man who can kanoodle her into bliss. Fantasy fantasy Kim, You are not Elizabeth Taylor and will never be, your aim to extort diamonds from these poor men will only result in one similarity between you and Elizabeth, You shall die alone!

Ladies must envy Kim Kardashian for replacing Kris humphries faster than a Domino’s Pizza delivery but let me tell you why you should not, men know Kim kardashian is used and second-hand goods. No man will ever look into her eyes and see an innocent puppy, they will see every man she ever hammered in the bed and to the wall.

Ray J is super ugly !

Damon Thomas called Kim a Mad Fame whore, any truth to that?


Uff uff uff kris dumpries..

Mariah you best check for Std’s, Kim has been around..

He just wouldn’t go the extra mile and his momma knocked some sense into him! Booya kim!

Reggie bush tapped danced outa there!

You ain’t tan enough boy!Shengo the dingo got the boot back to australia.. pity pity..

So ladies here you have it, I wish I could have added more guys but that would take all night, Kim will never be loved for as long the guys are aware of every man she hammered into oblivion!


Khloe Kardashian Jealous over Kourtney’s pregnancy!

Khloe Kardashian is not talking to Kourtney Kardashian. Khloe is Pissed off at her sister’s ability to concieve for the second time. Khloe Kardashian has been trying to conceive a child for 1 year with no success. Speculation has been abound that Khloe’s Several abortions may have a contributing effect to the failure to conceive.

Kim Kardashian has responded to the rumours by citing “Karma is a Bitch” and that her Troll sister deserves to be baby less!  Khloe is feeling suicidal that she may not be able to produce a child with Lamar Odom whom is now on welfare and seeking assistance from local churches to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

Kourtney has avoided the confrontational sister and has made statements relating to the paternity of her unborn child stating her only wish is the child is not cocoa in complexion as Lamar and her did in fact spend time together before Kim’s failed marriage.

Kourtney Kardashian seeking baby names.

From Kony 2012 to Kourtney kardashian, Life in America goes on. Everything from staged weddings to Lamar Odom getting kicked from Dallas mavericks for failing to conceive a child. Kourtney is desperately seeking baby names for her bundle of joyous wonder with her psycho lover Scott Disick. Amazing right, she fathered a child with raging lunatic that has phases of alcoholism and stupid banter.

The Man eater has admitted that Scott’s ability to father a child was baffling, Mason was a fluke and the second time a little shady, she doubts he is the father.

Rumours have been flying that the potential father may well be Lamar Odom.

Scott Disick has admitted to having an affair with Kris Jenner just to spite Kourtney for her lack of love and affection.

Deciding on baby names can be difficult, lets keep it with K Alphabet as potential choices for the baby girl.








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Anne hathaway nervous breakdown!

Anne Hathaway, the hollywood princess has lost her marbles in life. The actress has been suffering an addiction to Tiara’s, the actress was confronted by friends and family during an easter weekend intervention. The easter bunny has confirmed his appearance at the event citing the actress has a collection of over 5500 Tiara’s, a staggering number compared to the easter eggs he actually lays in a year. Things got heated when Anne Hathaway, a former jew decided to lunge at a balcony window attempting suicide, the easter bunny quickly came to Anne’s Aid by chopping of her tresses and declaring it a day in the life of the easter bunny. Whether the star has dandruff is yet to be confirmed!

The star has confirmed feeling a lightness of being which could be attributed to losing weight and the sudden halt in eating foods that bloat and cause gas.

Lindsay Lohan punching diva

Lindsay lohan was literally moments away from escaping probation and living  a clean life with her bff meth, however things turned awry when the actress went on a prowl to teach innocent pedestrians a lesson for calling an aged old hag! Spotting an innocent good looking women in the club, Lohan spun out of control with her weave flying into disaray as she lunged at the innocent hot women with her claws. The mean girls actress was reportedly suffering from fits of jealousy that this older innocent women could look older than her? Get where Im going with this?

The star that recently run over an innocent person and fled the scene has also been found guilty of evading taxes thus making Uncle Sam not so Friendly. Sources have cited that Lindsay is in a terrible state feeling bloated and Gassy at her actions. She has lashed out at her Bff Meth citing him as her excuse for wrinkles and fits of rage. We wish the star all the best in jail.

Lamar Odom fired from Dallas Mavericks!

Lamar Odom, the reality tv star has been fired from the Dallas Mavericks, Sources cited the star was released from the Basketball team, Released or fired is basically the same thing right?

The Basketball star has failed to perform in the sport leaving fans and management outraged and disappointed in his poor efforts.

The kardashian crowd has been left disoriented by the news, some are seeking counselling.

Khloe Kardashian married to lam lam is considering divorce as the black athlete’s talents are fading on the field, they are now without an annual pay of $8.2 million. When asked on how the Reality star’s will cope with the news, Sources have cited Lam Lam is open to welfare suggestions. The pair’s $5.3 million house has been offered to Kanye West as he plans to wed Kim kardashian before 2013.

Lam Lam who supports his Father Joe and his stepmother as well as Jamie the disabled best friend are rumoured to be suicidal. This is a very unfortunate turn of events as Lam Lam was unable to conceive a child with Kloe Kardashian, Kendra and Kendall. His poor efforts will mean he has not sealed his faith in the Kardashian klan and hence has to be Kevicted!

Hunger Games

We have all read the book, watched the movie, blah blah, we all can loathe Suzan Collins for her rendition of a perfect world in which people eat each another…lol.

So I was checking out the cast of Hunger games and came across the fact that the actor who plays Peeta is really short, that is sooo messed up! I totally think he was a miscast!!

The sexual appeal of Peeta to Katniss is totally lost in translation.

Misfits considered for the role include Lucas Till, Alex pettyfer and Hunter Parrish. We wonder why they didn’t make the cut and this is our conclusion.

Peeta should not look Stunned every time a tribute takes aim at him?

Peeta could be mistakenly portrayed as a nosey bugger??

Lucas Till risked Giving the Peeta character a JOKER appeal…

and wait there’s more….

Lucas Till refused to toss the wig for the Hunger games role as Peeta?

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