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Kourtney Kardashian seeking baby names.

From Kony 2012 to Kourtney kardashian, Life in America goes on. Everything from staged weddings to Lamar Odom getting kicked from Dallas mavericks for failing to conceive a child. Kourtney is desperately seeking baby names for her bundle of joyous wonder with her psycho lover Scott Disick. Amazing right, she fathered a child with raging lunatic that has phases of alcoholism and stupid banter.

The Man eater has admitted that Scott’s ability to father a child was baffling, Mason was a fluke and the second time a little shady, she doubts he is the father.

Rumours have been flying that the potential father may well be Lamar Odom.

Scott Disick has admitted to having an affair with Kris Jenner just to spite Kourtney for her lack of love and affection.

Deciding on baby names can be difficult, lets keep it with K Alphabet as potential choices for the baby girl.








What do you guys think?

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