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Anne hathaway nervous breakdown!

Anne Hathaway, the hollywood princess has lost her marbles in life. The actress has been suffering an addiction to Tiara’s, the actress was confronted by friends and family during an easter weekend intervention. The easter bunny has confirmed his appearance at the event citing the actress has a collection of over 5500 Tiara’s, a staggering number compared to the easter eggs he actually lays in a year. Things got heated when Anne Hathaway, a former jew decided to lunge at a balcony window attempting suicide, the easter bunny quickly came to Anne’s Aid by chopping of her tresses and declaring it a day in the life of the easter bunny. Whether the star has dandruff is yet to be confirmed!

The star has confirmed feeling a lightness of being which could be attributed to losing weight and the sudden halt in eating foods that bloat and cause gas.


Celebrity Bad hair days

Thought you had a bad hair day.. Think again…


Ever had one of these?? I did in Grade 9, only my rendition was more Tina turner than Donald Trump!

Celebrities have Money, power and the cool job of entertaining however they are not immune to idiotic mistakes like us common people are prone to, Think Lindsay Lohan, Gone are the days of the mean girl’s actress being the ultimate girlfriend for every pubescent boy and old man. Shedding her good girl image and redhead.

Remember this…


She was kind of like the envy of every teenage girl… Then she went black…


Whether she was channelling Goth, emo or satan, there was definitely a loss of innocence on her part, I do not understand why Children that start off in Hollywood are so eager to shed their good girl image like Britney spears and other child stars to portray themselves in a more hedonistic psycho manner.

A splash of color or ginger and turmeric mashed into a mad combination of the road less travelled and should not be travelled in my  opinion.

Wait there is more…

Your Grandma ain’t got nothing in this brandma! Whats Brandma, Well its a babe that aged a century older than your grandma. What the hell happened? You see ladies, If the world views you as innocent and naive, it is far better to portrayed like so until the wrinkles and age reaper starts showing up to make you wish you did not try to be older than your actually age.

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