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Lamar Odom fired from Dallas Mavericks!

Lamar Odom, the reality tv star has been fired from the Dallas Mavericks, Sources cited the star was released from the Basketball team, Released or fired is basically the same thing right?

The Basketball star has failed to perform in the sport leaving fans and management outraged and disappointed in his poor efforts.

The kardashian crowd has been left disoriented by the news, some are seeking counselling.

Khloe Kardashian married to lam lam is considering divorce as the black athlete’s talents are fading on the field, they are now without an annual pay of $8.2 million. When asked on how the Reality star’s will cope with the news, Sources have cited Lam Lam is open to welfare suggestions. The pair’s $5.3 million house has been offered to Kanye West as he plans to wed Kim kardashian before 2013.

Lam Lam who supports his Father Joe and his stepmother as well as Jamie the disabled best friend are rumoured to be suicidal. This is a very unfortunate turn of events as Lam Lam was unable to conceive a child with Kloe Kardashian, Kendra and Kendall. His poor efforts will mean he has not sealed his faith in the Kardashian klan and hence has to be Kevicted!


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