Juicy gossip stories and keen observations into the lives of the rich and infamous!

About me?

Writer, Author and explorer of blog world? Hmm how many words can I use to descibe myself? Many!  Hmm I like to keep my life private. But i like to keep updated on the whose who of hollywood and the daily happenings of the world? Im fairly good looking but I dont exploit that, its just nature’s way of making fun of me, Im not comfortable in my own skin, in fact i like dressing very modestly, some may think this is crazy but i like to be respectful to myself. I dont have tattoo’s and i dont drink or smoke, occasionally i indulge in carrot sticks and brocoli but thats really hard as im a big fan of  brussel sprouts. I like wearing nail polish but hate cleaning it off with that nasty chemical remover, i have a pretty simple life! I will provide exciting content that make people think and laugh, so if u have some time, join me on this journey!


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