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Kanye handle it?

Ahhh first there was wedded bliss to kris humpries than divorce, now Kanye handle it?

Kim kardashian is finally seeking what she always wanted, a black man who can kanoodle her into bliss. Fantasy fantasy Kim, You are not Elizabeth Taylor and will never be, your aim to extort diamonds from these poor men will only result in one similarity between you and Elizabeth, You shall die alone!

Ladies must envy Kim Kardashian for replacing Kris humphries faster than a Domino’s Pizza delivery but let me tell you why you should not, men know Kim kardashian is used and second-hand goods. No man will ever look into her eyes and see an innocent puppy, they will see every man she ever hammered in the bed and to the wall.

Ray J is super ugly !

Damon Thomas called Kim a Mad Fame whore, any truth to that?


Uff uff uff kris dumpries..

Mariah you best check for Std’s, Kim has been around..

He just wouldn’t go the extra mile and his momma knocked some sense into him! Booya kim!

Reggie bush tapped danced outa there!

You ain’t tan enough boy!Shengo the dingo got the boot back to australia.. pity pity..

So ladies here you have it, I wish I could have added more guys but that would take all night, Kim will never be loved for as long the guys are aware of every man she hammered into oblivion!



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