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Aubrey O day, Celebrity Apprentice or trash?

Aubrey O day debut on celebrity apprentice has been met with scepticism. First of all she is a washed out singer like her co star Debbie gibbons however unlike debbie, Aubrey has a dirty mouth filled with phycho babble. Her continous remarks agaist her co stars is somewhat putrid, we wish she would just shut it! Ladies its one thing to be intelligent, another to be bashful and inhumane in your appraisal of your own talents. Aubrey appears to be suffering from some sort of Superior mindset! Which is highly unattractive! Her flirtateous moves at Don jr and Eric trump were snubbed by the Donald’s Offspring.

I wonder with this outfit though, it does seem like she is auditioning to be some villain in batman rather than Apprentice!!

Her brillient idea’s are actually not brillient, its funny she recieves so much praise from her nutty co star Lisa Lampenelli!

On a recent episode Arsenio Hall has called Aubrey a Whore??

We wonder though if there is any truth to that?

Playboy does kind of scar your reputation ladies, for instance, do you think Aubrey has any chance of scoring with men like Don Jr and Eric trump? Likely she will get used and tossed just like that cheap magazine she posed in, but a braud like this will not make celebrity apprentice and with her reputation not have prince harry or Prince ET (Eric Trump) chasing after her goodz.


Celebrity Bad hair days

Thought you had a bad hair day.. Think again…


Ever had one of these?? I did in Grade 9, only my rendition was more Tina turner than Donald Trump!

Celebrities have Money, power and the cool job of entertaining however they are not immune to idiotic mistakes like us common people are prone to, Think Lindsay Lohan, Gone are the days of the mean girl’s actress being the ultimate girlfriend for every pubescent boy and old man. Shedding her good girl image and redhead.

Remember this…


She was kind of like the envy of every teenage girl… Then she went black…


Whether she was channelling Goth, emo or satan, there was definitely a loss of innocence on her part, I do not understand why Children that start off in Hollywood are so eager to shed their good girl image like Britney spears and other child stars to portray themselves in a more hedonistic psycho manner.

A splash of color or ginger and turmeric mashed into a mad combination of the road less travelled and should not be travelled in my  opinion.

Wait there is more…

Your Grandma ain’t got nothing in this brandma! Whats Brandma, Well its a babe that aged a century older than your grandma. What the hell happened? You see ladies, If the world views you as innocent and naive, it is far better to portrayed like so until the wrinkles and age reaper starts showing up to make you wish you did not try to be older than your actually age.

Lindsey Lohan aged, worn out and damaged from meth!

Lindsay lohan has been known for her run in’s with the law, however off late she has been especially noted for her new aged ensemble, her face remains resembles a mummified corpse that has aged a century. Lindsay has lashed out stating, “So what if I want to age a century and look like a grandma, Guys still dig it” When the budding star was growing up, she was often praised for her youthful energy and quiet playfulness that is until she adopted a new friend called meth. Whilst meth is unable to comment on its effect on the Star’s overall appearance, sources have confessed that the star and her friend meth have bonded for life. Lindsay’s demise like Whitney Houston is expectd in the near future.





Amanda bynes Arrested for DUI

The 10 things I hate about you actress has been arrested and granted a $5000 bail. Apparently the young actress was under the influence of alcohol and crashed into a police car! Woo that’s not good to say the least. Let consider positives to driving under the influence for hollywood actresses.

1. You wont remember the ordeal, you were drunk.

2. You get another 5 mins of fame when we all have clearly forgotten about you.

3. You are reminded that you need to check your cellulite it now grows on the front end of your legs.

4. Lawyers and money can make this nightmare disappear faster than David Copperfield.

5. You join the Lindsay lohan sorority club honey!

Heidi Klum files for divorce!!

So the seperation rumours have finally led to divorce, poor Seal, Heidi has cited irreconciable differences. However we all are aware that Seal has a bad temper. Divorce is always unfortunate.

Time to list Positives of getting divorced!

1. You can date other people.

2. You don’t have to feel guilty for cooking for one.

3. You can be a fashionably hot!

4. You have a reason to hit the gym and get fit.

5. You can reinvent yourself with new hobbies.

6. You can mingle with a new crowd, pick up some new friends.

7. Build an empire or do something big.

8. If you have kids and lose custody, thats ok as well, Children need love but if the other person wants the entire duty of rearing the kids, go ahead.

9. Watch cartoons in your pyjama’s.

10. If you get a settlement like Heidi Klum will without a doubt get, Take a vacation!

Hunger games

First came Harry potter, Twilight and now we have hunger games, I have read the first installment of the trilogy, its really interesting. Simple writing. So how do you write something that would appeal to the global audience?

Top 10 tips.

1.Write poor english.

2. Have 3 to 4 characters that kids can relate to: Geek, fattie, idiot and hottie.

3. Make a love triangle with rulers and crayons.

4. Give the main character a challenge.

5. Create false illusions of danger.

6. Kill off the likeble characters.

7. Allow one kiss.

8. Use mythical creatures.

9. Make all females character either so helpless she drools while tying her shoelace aka Twilight or so super strong she could whip batman.

10. Limit reality.

Kim Kardashian – Trash or treasure

We have all watched the wedding and the divorce on tv, some of us cared to watch the excuses laid out by the mother and sisters, we all know it was a planned event to exhort money from the hungry media but really all it did was damage their reputation. Now kim kardashian is infamous for her adoration of Elizabeth taylor right? Could she be a pychologically damaged individual hoping to live the life of the dead hollywood legend? We all know kim K has a love for Expensive jewellery, very much like the dead icon, and this is Kim K second marriage right? Elizabeth taylor was married several times, I have noted that Kim K had surgery to look more like Elizabeth taylor, her ultimate icon, well sure honey, if Elizabeth was the tarnished diamond digger, Kim k is certainly the jaded broken glass. I also find her sister’s portrayal of her as someone that falls in love easily, that buys into the fairytale and then so easily falls out of love, tosses the man away like a used nappie, oh poor kris humpy, did you make a dumpy? Well all in all, Kim k is either trash or treasure, i just wonder which man is stupid enough to even get close to this lost cause?

Movie: John Carter

Anyone watched the trailer of john carter? When I watched it I was put off by the beginning where John carter is lying in some desert on mars and the eery music plays, super lame! Apart from that, the silly attempts in the movie to be funny falls short of funny and actually come off as retarded! I cannot understand why Hollywood chooses these stupid stories or scripts, time and again, I find myself baffled by the type of Garbage produced in Hollywood, Are they really only writing for a dumb audience? Out of all the movies produced in Hollywood, perhaphs only one is immaculate writing and directing, apart from that the rest is a big fat joke!

Madonna Long Career

Madonna has a career as an entertainer since 1983, recently when the music icon turned 54, one wondered if this rich mogul would ever retire? Hmm releasing a new album this year called girls gone bad or wild? It piqued my interest to wonder if this will continue until she is late sixties? That would be interesting to watch, she not only looks good but dances better than most 20 somethings, so it would definitely be interesting to see her moonlight it in her late 60’s?


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