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Hunger Games

We have all read the book, watched the movie, blah blah, we all can loathe Suzan Collins for her rendition of a perfect world in which people eat each another…lol.

So I was checking out the cast of Hunger games and came across the fact that the actor who plays Peeta is really short, that is sooo messed up! I totally think he was a miscast!!

The sexual appeal of Peeta to Katniss is totally lost in translation.

Misfits considered for the role include Lucas Till, Alex pettyfer and Hunter Parrish. We wonder why they didn’t make the cut and this is our conclusion.

Peeta should not look Stunned every time a tribute takes aim at him?

Peeta could be mistakenly portrayed as a nosey bugger??

Lucas Till risked Giving the Peeta character a JOKER appeal…

and wait there’s more….

Lucas Till refused to toss the wig for the Hunger games role as Peeta?


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