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Kanye handle it?

Ahhh first there was wedded bliss to kris humpries than divorce, now Kanye handle it?

Kim kardashian is finally seeking what she always wanted, a black man who can kanoodle her into bliss. Fantasy fantasy Kim, You are not Elizabeth Taylor and will never be, your aim to extort diamonds from these poor men will only result in one similarity between you and Elizabeth, You shall die alone!

Ladies must envy Kim Kardashian for replacing Kris humphries faster than a Domino’s Pizza delivery but let me tell you why you should not, men know Kim kardashian is used and second-hand goods. No man will ever look into her eyes and see an innocent puppy, they will see every man she ever hammered in the bed and to the wall.

Ray J is super ugly !

Damon Thomas called Kim a Mad Fame whore, any truth to that?


Uff uff uff kris dumpries..

Mariah you best check for Std’s, Kim has been around..

He just wouldn’t go the extra mile and his momma knocked some sense into him! Booya kim!

Reggie bush tapped danced outa there!

You ain’t tan enough boy!Shengo the dingo got the boot back to australia.. pity pity..

So ladies here you have it, I wish I could have added more guys but that would take all night, Kim will never be loved for as long the guys are aware of every man she hammered into oblivion!



Khloe Kardashian Jealous over Kourtney’s pregnancy!

Khloe Kardashian is not talking to Kourtney Kardashian. Khloe is Pissed off at her sister’s ability to concieve for the second time. Khloe Kardashian has been trying to conceive a child for 1 year with no success. Speculation has been abound that Khloe’s Several abortions may have a contributing effect to the failure to conceive.

Kim Kardashian has responded to the rumours by citing “Karma is a Bitch” and that her Troll sister deserves to be baby less!  Khloe is feeling suicidal that she may not be able to produce a child with Lamar Odom whom is now on welfare and seeking assistance from local churches to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

Kourtney has avoided the confrontational sister and has made statements relating to the paternity of her unborn child stating her only wish is the child is not cocoa in complexion as Lamar and her did in fact spend time together before Kim’s failed marriage.

Lindsay Lohan punching diva

Lindsay lohan was literally moments away from escaping probation and living  a clean life with her bff meth, however things turned awry when the actress went on a prowl to teach innocent pedestrians a lesson for calling an aged old hag! Spotting an innocent good looking women in the club, Lohan spun out of control with her weave flying into disaray as she lunged at the innocent hot women with her claws. The mean girls actress was reportedly suffering from fits of jealousy that this older innocent women could look older than her? Get where Im going with this?

The star that recently run over an innocent person and fled the scene has also been found guilty of evading taxes thus making Uncle Sam not so Friendly. Sources have cited that Lindsay is in a terrible state feeling bloated and Gassy at her actions. She has lashed out at her Bff Meth citing him as her excuse for wrinkles and fits of rage. We wish the star all the best in jail.

Celebrity Bad hair days

Thought you had a bad hair day.. Think again…


Ever had one of these?? I did in Grade 9, only my rendition was more Tina turner than Donald Trump!

Celebrities have Money, power and the cool job of entertaining however they are not immune to idiotic mistakes like us common people are prone to, Think Lindsay Lohan, Gone are the days of the mean girl’s actress being the ultimate girlfriend for every pubescent boy and old man. Shedding her good girl image and redhead.

Remember this…


She was kind of like the envy of every teenage girl… Then she went black…


Whether she was channelling Goth, emo or satan, there was definitely a loss of innocence on her part, I do not understand why Children that start off in Hollywood are so eager to shed their good girl image like Britney spears and other child stars to portray themselves in a more hedonistic psycho manner.

A splash of color or ginger and turmeric mashed into a mad combination of the road less travelled and should not be travelled in my  opinion.

Wait there is more…

Your Grandma ain’t got nothing in this brandma! Whats Brandma, Well its a babe that aged a century older than your grandma. What the hell happened? You see ladies, If the world views you as innocent and naive, it is far better to portrayed like so until the wrinkles and age reaper starts showing up to make you wish you did not try to be older than your actually age.

Lindsey Lohan aged, worn out and damaged from meth!

Lindsay lohan has been known for her run in’s with the law, however off late she has been especially noted for her new aged ensemble, her face remains resembles a mummified corpse that has aged a century. Lindsay has lashed out stating, “So what if I want to age a century and look like a grandma, Guys still dig it” When the budding star was growing up, she was often praised for her youthful energy and quiet playfulness that is until she adopted a new friend called meth. Whilst meth is unable to comment on its effect on the Star’s overall appearance, sources have confessed that the star and her friend meth have bonded for life. Lindsay’s demise like Whitney Houston is expectd in the near future.





Heidi Klum files for divorce!!

So the seperation rumours have finally led to divorce, poor Seal, Heidi has cited irreconciable differences. However we all are aware that Seal has a bad temper. Divorce is always unfortunate.

Time to list Positives of getting divorced!

1. You can date other people.

2. You don’t have to feel guilty for cooking for one.

3. You can be a fashionably hot!

4. You have a reason to hit the gym and get fit.

5. You can reinvent yourself with new hobbies.

6. You can mingle with a new crowd, pick up some new friends.

7. Build an empire or do something big.

8. If you have kids and lose custody, thats ok as well, Children need love but if the other person wants the entire duty of rearing the kids, go ahead.

9. Watch cartoons in your pyjama’s.

10. If you get a settlement like Heidi Klum will without a doubt get, Take a vacation!

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