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Movie: John Carter

Anyone watched the trailer of john carter? When I watched it I was put off by the beginning where John carter is lying in some desert on mars and the eery music plays, super lame! Apart from that, the silly attempts in the movie to be funny falls short of funny and actually come off as retarded! I cannot understand why Hollywood chooses these stupid stories or scripts, time and again, I find myself baffled by the type of Garbage produced in Hollywood, Are they really only writing for a dumb audience? Out of all the movies produced in Hollywood, perhaphs only one is immaculate writing and directing, apart from that the rest is a big fat joke!


Madonna Long Career

Madonna has a career as an entertainer since 1983, recently when the music icon turned 54, one wondered if this rich mogul would ever retire? Hmm releasing a new album this year called girls gone bad or wild? It piqued my interest to wonder if this will continue until she is late sixties? That would be interesting to watch, she not only looks good but dances better than most 20 somethings, so it would definitely be interesting to see her moonlight it in her late 60’s?


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