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Heidi Klum files for divorce!!

So the seperation rumours have finally led to divorce, poor Seal, Heidi has cited irreconciable differences. However we all are aware that Seal has a bad temper. Divorce is always unfortunate.

Time to list Positives of getting divorced!

1. You can date other people.

2. You don’t have to feel guilty for cooking for one.

3. You can be a fashionably hot!

4. You have a reason to hit the gym and get fit.

5. You can reinvent yourself with new hobbies.

6. You can mingle with a new crowd, pick up some new friends.

7. Build an empire or do something big.

8. If you have kids and lose custody, thats ok as well, Children need love but if the other person wants the entire duty of rearing the kids, go ahead.

9. Watch cartoons in your pyjama’s.

10. If you get a settlement like Heidi Klum will without a doubt get, Take a vacation!


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