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Aubrey O day, Celebrity Apprentice or trash?

Aubrey O day debut on celebrity apprentice has been met with scepticism. First of all she is a washed out singer like her co star Debbie gibbons however unlike debbie, Aubrey has a dirty mouth filled with phycho babble. Her continous remarks agaist her co stars is somewhat putrid, we wish she would just shut it! Ladies its one thing to be intelligent, another to be bashful and inhumane in your appraisal of your own talents. Aubrey appears to be suffering from some sort of Superior mindset! Which is highly unattractive! Her flirtateous moves at Don jr and Eric trump were snubbed by the Donald’s Offspring.

I wonder with this outfit though, it does seem like she is auditioning to be some villain in batman rather than Apprentice!!

Her brillient idea’s are actually not brillient, its funny she recieves so much praise from her nutty co star Lisa Lampenelli!

On a recent episode Arsenio Hall has called Aubrey a Whore??

We wonder though if there is any truth to that?

Playboy does kind of scar your reputation ladies, for instance, do you think Aubrey has any chance of scoring with men like Don Jr and Eric trump? Likely she will get used and tossed just like that cheap magazine she posed in, but a braud like this will not make celebrity apprentice and with her reputation not have prince harry or Prince ET (Eric Trump) chasing after her goodz.

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