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Kim Kardashian – Trash or treasure

We have all watched the wedding and the divorce on tv, some of us cared to watch the excuses laid out by the mother and sisters, we all know it was a planned event to exhort money from the hungry media but really all it did was damage their reputation. Now kim kardashian is infamous for her adoration of Elizabeth taylor right? Could she be a pychologically damaged individual hoping to live the life of the dead hollywood legend? We all know kim K has a love for Expensive jewellery, very much like the dead icon, and this is Kim K second marriage right? Elizabeth taylor was married several times, I have noted that Kim K had surgery to look more like Elizabeth taylor, her ultimate icon, well sure honey, if Elizabeth was the tarnished diamond digger, Kim k is certainly the jaded broken glass. I also find her sister’s portrayal of her as someone that falls in love easily, that buys into the fairytale and then so easily falls out of love, tosses the man away like a used nappie, oh poor kris humpy, did you make a dumpy? Well all in all, Kim k is either trash or treasure, i just wonder which man is stupid enough to even get close to this lost cause?

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