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Hunger games

First came Harry potter, Twilight and now we have hunger games, I have read the first installment of the trilogy, its really interesting. Simple writing. So how do you write something that would appeal to the global audience?

Top 10 tips.

1.Write poor english.

2. Have 3 to 4 characters that kids can relate to: Geek, fattie, idiot and hottie.

3. Make a love triangle with rulers and crayons.

4. Give the main character a challenge.

5. Create false illusions of danger.

6. Kill off the likeble characters.

7. Allow one kiss.

8. Use mythical creatures.

9. Make all females character either so helpless she drools while tying her shoelace aka Twilight or so super strong she could whip batman.

10. Limit reality.

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One thought on “Hunger games

  1. kloipy on said:

    this made me laugh really hard

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